Falling in love, we become dependent on each other. Everything is crucial: looks, intonations, gestures, touches … Everything takes on a very special meaning. And all these colors our life become unusually happy colors.

It is really hard to maintain the relationship, in which you don’t feel appreciated and loved. Such a relationship will not make either you, nor your partner happier.

It might be a matter of habit or comfort for him. Nothing more. It might be hard to stop loving and throw him out of your heart, but this is exactly what you need to do to start the healing process. It’s not your fault that you love, but you are not loved and the only thing left for you to do is move on and try to free your heart. These tips will help you to forget him.

1. Be honest with yourself. If you see that a man does not love you, then do not try to prolong the relationship. Sooner or later he will tear them apart anyway, so it’s better to do it first. So at least you will not feel abandoned; and this would only add to your suffering, because of unfortunate unrequited love would have added more and wounded self-esteem.

2. Concentrate on the negative features of the character or appearance of your beloved. There should be something that you literally hate about him. Focus on these features. They will help you to get over him.

3. Get rid of all his gifts and any souvenirs that could remind you of a joint pastime. They should not remind you of him. So, get them out.

4. Avoid also situations that will maintain the smoldering of the coals of a memory of your beloved. If you have an association with a music or song while listening to it, stop using this music.

5. Find ways to occupy yourself with something and your mind, so as not to allow thoughts and memories in your head that can disturb you. You can not force yourself not to think at all, so just take your brain into thinking about something else.

6. Take your first steps beyond your comfort zone. Studies by psychologists show that in order to break old habits and replace them with new ones, it is necessary to do something new. For example, you can go on vacation or even just start to go to work on another, hitherto unfamiliar route.

7. Analyse your relationship. How long have you been in love with this man? Months, years? And you did not think about the fact that during this time there was an opportunity for other, happier relationships to emerge? But you did not see these opportunities, because you were blinded by your love. Remember that your true love is still waiting for you.

8. Return to normal life. Meet other men, flirt with them, and feel how great it is when men show interest in you! This will give impetus to your self-confidence.

9. Dedicate some time to yourself. Go to the gym or to the beautician. Please yourself and indulge your whims.

10. Enjoy that you are currently alone. No one can be happy in a relationship, if this person is not happy on his/her own.

11. Set up the dating app. It will give you an opportunity to go out with someone and will bring you some fun. Try it out, even if you have never done it before.

12. Gather your girlfriends and throw them a party. It will be fun and you will get distracted by sad thinks.

13. Try meditation out. This practice will help you to focus on positive thoughts.

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